It all started with a weird phone call…

“Jason I need your help! I need to build a bomb shelter. Can you put me in touch with someone?”

Frankly my friend’s question stunned me.

I’ve known him for 40 years…

We went to high school together…

He was a straight-laced, college-educated, “nerd” working for Google, with advanced degrees in artificial intelligence.

Why would someone living in Fremont, California – the heart of Silicon Valley – need a bomb shelter?

I am a US Marine veteran, so I get it that Silicon Valley has strategic importance…

During a global war involving the US it would be a vital industrial target just as the German Ruhr was during World War 2.

I also know that Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the birthplace of most of the United States’s nuclear weapons, is just over the hill.

And that neighboring Alameda and Oakland have importance as shipyards.

But the need for a bomb shelter?

It didn’t make sense.

Especially given that the Cold War ended 30 years ago.

“Why do you need a bomb shelter?” I asked.

What he shared frankly stunned me…

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