British Columbia Canada FINALLY Changes COVID-19 Protocol — But It’s Not Enough!

The idiot BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry has finally decided to test people with serious respiratory symptoms for influenza — and if that test is negative — then doctors will test for COVID-19.

About fucking time.

I think it is too little too late, and they are going to find significant community spread.

B.C. provincial health officer Bonnie Henry said Monday officials have added COVID-19 testing to the province’s existing influenza surveillance network, which means a broad array of patients will undergo screening for the coronavirus. B.C. is also checking all patients admitted to hospital with severe respiratory illness for COVID-19 if they have a negative flu test.

What they need to be more aggressive in their testing…  And use the precautionary principle in tackling all aspects of this pandemic.

  1. Doctors SHALL instruct patients expressing flu-like symptoms to self-quarantine until further notice.
  2. Doctors SHALL test all people expressing flu-like symptoms for the influenza virus.
  3. If the influenza test is negative, doctors SHALL immediately test for COVID-19.
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