Watch This Video! China Completes Emergency Wuhan Coronavirus Hospital In 10 Days

A new 1600 bed hospital was constructed in 10 days in Wuhan, China.

There is one key benefit to a dictatorship.

It is easy to get things done.  Like building two (2) 1000+ bed hospitals in 10 days…

China has completed the construction of an emergency hospital at the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak within 10 days, Chinese state media say.

Key points:

  • The project has been called “mission impossible” due to the timeframe.
  • Construction was live-streamed around the clock on China’s state broadcasters.
  • The rapid number of infections has placed pressure on the country’s medical facilities.

The 1,000-bed hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in central Hubei province, was built to treat coronavirus patients and will start taking in patients today, according to Xinhua state media reports. The makeshift hospital — called the Huoshenshan — will be staffed by some 1,400 medical staff from the Chinese armed forces, including the People’s Liberation Army.

Some social media reports are saying that the entire facility is an air isolation facility with negative air pressure so that airborne contaminants can’t escape.  It is both ingenious and inspirational to see people work so efficiently to save others.

The second hospital should also be completed in a couple days.

Here is a time-lapse video of construction:

Once upon a time American workers displayed the same balls-out effort and ingenuity to save our country.  I hope that the Chinese are just as victorious in their fight, because the world could well be depending on their effort.

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