China Cremating Live Infected People!

In Chinese cities that are under quarantine, no one is allowed to leave their apartment or house. There are only two exceptions to this:

  1. Is to seek medical attention.
  2. One person per household is allowed to leave every second day, to go get food.

All vehicles are banned, except for two taxis per neighborhood.  The use of taxis allows the government to log every trip, and provide contact tracing should an infection occur.

It is a smart system of control, because the taxi cab driver is not going to jeopardize his job or his health to take you anywhere other that a grocery store.  He isn’t going to take you to see your mom, or sister across town.

As a result of this system, the taxi cab drivers have more information about what is going on — the anyone in town.

The following video was recorded by a taxi cab driver — and is frightening to hear.

They are burning… cremating people alive!

Hospital staff are so worried about being contaminated by sick individuals, that they are throwing people that they deem to be “expected/expectant/priority zero” into body bags

That is a triage category meaning expected to die and are typically given palliative care until they die.  However in some hospitals, live people are being put into body bags that are taken to the crematorium and burned.  People are being burned alive, because staff don’t want to be infected by them.  Or have expected people infect others.

That’s how bad the situation is in China.

Don’t listen to the reports from the Chinese government saying that infections have stabilized. Look at the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Do you see people going back to work?

Do you see quarantines being lifted?

That will tell you whether infections in China are leveling off.

I have a feeling the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may not survive the wrath of the people when this is all over.

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