Could Herpes Cure Hold The Answer To COVID-19?

Many countries are racing to come up with a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19 — but what about a treatment?  Well there is a designer drug that was first created to treat human herpes virus, but it was never approved for humans.  Instead it was used to treat a feline coronavirus…

As the race to find effective cures for the novel coronavirus heats up, a biomedical start-up based in Singapore and Malaysia believes it could have the answer – an antiviral drug which has successfully treated coronaviruses and leukaemia in cats. The drug, known as Retromad1, has proven effective in treating the feline leukaemia virus and the feline infectious peritonitis virus, both of which are deadly to cats.

It sounds promising.  And while a vaccine takes a while toproduce, this drug is proven to work (on cats) and is ready for testing.  Hopefully the US FDA or some other country ‘fast tracks’ its testing.

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