DO NOT TAKE Ibuprofen If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19!

DO NOT USE Ibuprofen also commonly known as Motrin or Advil to treat symptoms of COVID-19. There is strong evidence that it might make your illness worse.

Two parents from Bristol, England nearly lost their 4-year old daughter to COVID-19.  And a step-dad’s warning is making the rounds on the Internet…

If you’re struck with coronavirus symptoms, it might not be a good idea to take ibuprofen.Various experts have warned against taking the anti-inflammatory if you have COVID-19, including France’s health minister.

However unlike most of the cures and preventative measures crap being passed around via email chain-letters, or on Facebook.  This one has a scientific study behind it.   It was published in The Lancet — which is one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world — and after reading it, it makes sense why Ibuprofen should be avoided by EVERYONE!

SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes the disease COVID-19 and and it attaches to the cell it is targeting, via the ACE2

Human pathogenic coronaviruses (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus [SARS-CoV] and SARS-CoV-2) bind to their target cells through angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), which is expressed by epithelial cells of the lung, intestine, kidney, and blood vessels.

And here is the part of the study that is important because doctors are seeing increased lethality and complications in people with diabetes that contract COVID-19 and apparently ibuprofen increases ACE2 also!

The expression of ACE2 is substantially increased in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, who are treated with ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II type-I receptor blockers (ARBs).Hypertension is also treated with ACE inhibitors and ARBs, which results in an upregulation of ACE2. ACE2 can also be increased by thiazolidinediones and ibuprofen. These data suggest that ACE2 expression is increased in diabetes and treatment with ACE inhibitors and ARBs increases ACE2 expression. Consequently, the increased expression of ACE2 would facilitate infection with COVID-19. We therefore hypothesise that diabetes and hypertension treatment with ACE2-stimulating drugs increases the risk of developing severe and fatal COVID-19.

The warning NOT to take ibuprofen came from the French Health Minister — and now a chorus of doctors and scientists are echoing that call.

But the National Health Service in the UK is passing out dangerous information just like every other health agency in the world…

Experts have criticized NHS advice that people self-isolating with Covid-19 should take ibuprofen, saying there is plausible evidence this could aggravate the condition.

The comments came after French authorities warned against taking widely used over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs. The country’s health minister, Olivier Véran, a qualified doctor and neurologist, tweeted on Saturday: “The taking of anti-inflammatories [ibuprofen, cortisone … ] could be a factor in aggravating the infection. In case of fever, take paracetamol [Sarge’s Edit: That is Tylenol or acetaminophen]. If you are already taking anti-inflammatory drugs, ask your doctor’s advice.”

NHS guidance states that people managing Covid-19 symptoms at home should take paracetamol or ibuprofen [Sarge’s Edit: I struck it out because that is wrong advice according to a recent information].

“I would advise against that,” said Prof Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading. “There’s good scientific evidence for ibuprofen aggravating the condition or prolonging it. That recommendation needs to be updated.”

And here another British doctor is saying the same thing that NSAIDS prolong illness and complicated the complications of respiratory infections

Paul Little, a professor of primary care research at the University of Southampton, said that there was good evidence “that prolonged illness or the complications of respiratory infections may be more common when NSAIDs are used—both respiratory or septic complications and cardiovascular complications.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are members of a drug class that reduces pain, decreases fever, prevents blood clots, and in higher doses, decreases inflammation.  Click here to familiarize yourself with the commonly used NSAIDs.  Chances are you have them in your house!

Maybe we should pull ibuprofen from the shelves temporarily?

Regardless you should be passing on the link to this webpage.  It is critical information for your friends and family.

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