It’s Now Easier For Chinese To Enter Canada — Than It Is For Them To Enter Beijing!

While Canadian Health Minister Patty HAJDU says that border controls on people coming from China is racist and ineffective — Beijing sees the wisdom in quarantining — in order to protect the ruling CCP in China’s capital city.

It’s now official that anyone returning to Beijing will be quarantined for 14 days or face imprisonment.

What stupid excuse can HAJDU give now for not closing our borders to people returning from China — without serving 24-30 days in quarantine?

Is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) racist too?

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  • Savage Feb 21, 2020 @ 1:32

    Once again The liberal government has failed the citizens of Canada. The difference this time could be an astonishing amount of the Canadian population, dying or becoming extremely ill. Some studies are suggesting up to 60% of all Canadians will contract this virus. Leadership is a key fundamental aspect to the safety of any country. I guess the current Canadian Government doesn’t think that the next Black Plague is anything to be concerned about? Thanks to ask the prepper, I now know that this virus is air born Maybe that’s why lately I’ve seen so many citizens wearing masks?

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