Lesson From The Winter of 2021: Never Be Dependent On Electricity

Last week, Americans got to experience what it is like living in the north.  Single digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures invaded the southern states, dropping the electrical grid and freezing water pipes.

Once again, Mother Nature has proven that society is wholly unprepared for disasters and will not learn from its own mistakes.  Society will not learn to be self-sufficient.  Everyone is looking for a handout.

There are still some debate,  as to what is the root cause of the grid collapsing…

 The state of Texas uses wind turbines for approximately 20% of its power usage -and when the cold temperatures hit the wind turbines stopped.  Of course that corresponded with a jump in electricity usage by people trying to keep warm. 

The electric company tried to handle the increased usage with its natural gas-fired generators. However the natural gas system failed -apparently key equipment was not insulated from the cold.

Whatever the root cause, it doesn’t matter…

YOU are responsible for your own survival.  If you don’t have heat, security, food, or water during a disaster or severe weather event — YOU are the problem.

Let the pain of others be a lesson for you.  Look at your own preps and ask yourself: “How well would I have done in that situation?”

I noted some problems in my preparations. 

  • I need a couple carbon monoxide alarms, in case I need to put move a heater into my bedroom. 
  • I also want an extra hot water bottle.  I use one while winter camping to heat my sleeping bag.  My wife would likely want the freakin’ thing in an emergency and I would be SOL.

How would you have faired?

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