Logo Design

Hello!  My name is Jason Cain and the design on this blog SUCKS!  🙂

I am a retired police officer and military veteran and this blog will be about prepping — which comes out of the 1960’s survivalist movement and the 1950’s civil defense craze.

I am hoping to create a retro/vintage theme for my blog and podcast — and your work on logos impressed me.

  • I am open to your creative ideas.
  • I do not have a color palette
  • I do not have fonts picked out.  I only ask that the font be readable. 🙂
  • The logo will be used on t-shirts, patches, websites, business cards, and other promotional material.  So it must include the name of the website “AskThePrepper.com”.
  • The tagline “Helping you plan for sh*t hitting the fan” is not required to be on the logo.
  • I am hoping to tie the logo in with the traditional 1950’s US symbol for civil defense which was adapted and then used worldwide.
  • I am open to a character.  Civil defense used a character called “Mr. Civil Defense” to promote.
  • If you have any questions, please ask.

Civil Defense Artwork from 1950-1960’s era