Aloha!  I am glad you’ll be joining us on the e-class.

I did just send you a very important email.  You should have it in the next few minutes.

Why Is It Important?

It has the access information for the E-class — and I put an important free gift in there.

There is a link to a booklet written by a Dr. Grattan WOODSON former faculty of the Emory University School of Medicine.  One of the top medical schools in the world, and just 8 minutes away from the the Centers of Disease Control.

WOODSON is one of the top medical doctor in the world on pandemic preparations.  And has written three books on the pandemic threat.

This booklet I am giving you is an excerpt from his book “The Bird Flu Manual”.  I know the book cover is cheesy clip-art, but don’t let that fool you!  It is peer-reviewed by other doctors.

Don’t judge this book by its ugly cover. You can’t find this information anywhere else.


Why am I giving it to you?

First it is a fantastic booklet that will help you in your preparations.  The preparations for the bird flu are the same as the preparations for COVID-19.  The symptoms and complications are the same too.

Second it is the ONLY book out there that tells you how to care for yourself or a loved one at home when the medical system is overwhelmed.  And that is exactly what is going on in China right now.

The number of serious cases due to COVID-19 is staggering.  And most of those cases require oxygen, ventilators –or both!  Not to mention weeks of round-the-clock care by overworked doctors and nurses.

This book was created for just this moment.

You will find the download link in the email I sent you.

Forward the book to your friends!  You may be saving a life.