Winter Preparations Your Survival Garden

During this COVID-19 pandemic, people in China, Italy, and South Korea are finding out that food security is critical during an emergency.  When you have a garden and a few animals you’re not dependent on grocery stores and logistic companies in order to eat. When you’re dependent on long-haul trucks, ships and trains to get your meat, fruits and vegetables — you have a serious problem.

Gardening is a lost skill.

In 1900, just under 40 percent of the total US population lived on farms, and 60 percent lived in rural areas. Today, the respective figures are only about 1 percent and 20 percent.

When “The Greatest Generation” died so did much of our knowledge about farming and gardening.

However, thanks to YouTube some of that knowledge still exists.

During the early parts of World War II the United Kingdom was being strangled by the German Navy and Air Force. U-boats were sinking hundreds of thousands of tons of Allied shipping coming from Britain’s far-flung colonies. Those colonies were providing the food and raw materials needed for Britain to even exist.

England was not self-sufficient for its food. The population was huge and arable land was limited. The situation is even worse today with London being a mega-city with millions of people, and English estates and farmlands being turned into shopping malls and apartment blocks.

During WWII, the UK government encouraged citizens to create small garden plots called Victory Gardens in order to feed themselves.  Both private and public land was utilized.

Knowing how to garden — and having the tools to do it — is going to be critical during an emergency. I love watching old WWII films on YouTube.  Especially the ones on how to garden.  I find them entertaining, educational, and relaxing!

Watch this video and discover what you need to do during the winter to prepare your land for spring planting and store vegetables for your family.

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