Wuhan Coronavirus Study Appearing In The New England Journal of Medicine May Have Been Wrong

German doctors published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEMJ) claiming that asymptomatic people could pass on the virus. Although Chinese officials said that they are witnessing asymptomatic transmission, no one has been able to offer proof yet.

Chinese researchers had previously suggested asymptomatic people might transmit the virus but had not presented clear-cut evidence. “There’s no doubt after reading [the NEJM] paper that asymptomatic transmission is occurring,” Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told journalists. “This study lays the question to rest.”

But now, it turns out that information was wrong.

The German doctors who wrote the study, treated four (4) people in Germany that had contracted the virus from a visiting Shanghai businesswoman. Unfortunately the German doctors writing the study, failed to speak directly to the Shanghai businesswoman and relied on hearsay evidence saying that she was not sick. Other medical researchers contacted the businesswoman and determined that she was sick in Germany complaining of fatigue and lower back pain.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden reacted harshly…

“The sources that claimed that the coronavirus would infect during the incubation period lack scientific support for this analysis in their articles.  This applies, among other things, to an article in [NEJM] that has subsequently proven to contain major flaws and errors…”

I like what Isaac Bogoch an infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto said:

“Even if the patient’s symptoms were unspecific, it wasn’t an asymptomatic infection.  Asymptomatic means no symptoms, ZERO.   It means you feel fine. We have to be careful with our words.”

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